Purposeful living for dementia care at Ecumen Centennial House.

Living fully in the present and creating moments of joy and success are what everyone here at Ecumen Centennial House in Apple Valley MN strives to do each and every day, including residents of our Memory Care apartments.

Dementia care is a specialized form of senior living care that provides your loved one with health care options for how support-filled and service-filled you want their life to be, today and tomorrow.

Our residents with memory loss live in comfort and safety, cared for by compassionate nurses and other specially trained staff, who are skilled at accommodating their changing routines, moods, and abilities. We provide a secure environment that promotes independence while providing social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual support.

Singles and couples can enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own studio apartment home.

The choices for Memory Care and dementia care in our community include:

Innovative Memory Care

Innovative Memory Care with our specialized Ecumen Awakenings™ program, which is dedicated to meet the evolving needs of those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Ecumen developed the nationally recognized Awakenings program in partnership with physicians and pharmacists. It helps “re-awaken” residents whose physical and cognitive abilities may have been masked by inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs. This collaboration often leads to reduction or elimination of antipsychotic medications, which carry significant health risks for older adults.


Hospice provides compassionate, end-of-life care in a private setting of your choice. Because death is deeply personal, we tailor this care to comfort and support individuals and their loved ones. Ecumen Hospice’s “May We Walk You Home” program supports the journey with love and support.

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